Message From our Founder

I cannot write this page without first recognizing the invaluable support of cofounders of this company – my wife, my mum, my brothers, my friends, most specifically Bro Ik, Dan, Chibike, Anyibaba,  who made the dream of this company a dream come true.

I started my journey into the business world circa 2001, when I started a computer business centre in Nsukka just shortly, after my SSCE Exam, while waiting for my result.  The business thrived well till I left Nsukka to Enugu for my University education in ESUT.  I operated the business remotely and it was reasonably profitable.

I venture into stock trading, forex, and internet business and marketing in 2002.  It was quite interesting.


Just like every other person, I wanted to do something I love and have passion for while I was young.  My passion for business and computer dated back around 2001 when I got my first personal computer.  I have had my success stories and failures.  I have been inspired by many individuals in the business world and in the academic world especially in the field of medicine.

I have had my experiences, which to the best of my knowledge is the greatest, most expensive and best teacher


I have long believed that we all should have freedom and free from bondage of working for people.  It was with this approach that I setup my 1st venture company Triban ltd in the year – 2009 from my hostel room.  Tribarn ltd was successful, but unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond by control, I decided to let it go and setup another organization which by Gods grace, will stand the test of time.

Necheval Ltd was born from the desire to think and create value and be free from shackles of unemployment and perpetual slave of working for other people.


My dream is to make necheval a democratic company where employers will be motivated to work and committed to bring out the best in them by being partners in business, through adequate compensation plan/reward scheme.

What is Necheval?  The name necheval is derived from Igbo verb Neche (to think) and Val from English term  Value.  Necheval is a company with the core mission of thinking and creating values to humanity.


We hope that in the next coming years, necheval will create numerous employment opportunities for the unemployed.

Necheval is about businesses growing through value creation, strong leaders and independence.  Our model of business is to have sustainable business through strong leaders who runs each business with the necheval team while we work to make it work smoothly, profitably, and independently.


I love Necheval because it is focused at solving problems facing humanity.  We think of problems facing man and thing of how to solve it.

At Necheval, we belive in :

Getting more problems solved with simple and affordable solutions

Looking for short  and long term solutions to problems.

Empowering  great entrepreneurs and businesses/companies to flourish with simple and affordable technology

Investing in opportunities

Improving the transparency and accountability of what  we’re doing.

Focus on solving problems and making people happier

And hopefully… as a result of all this, improving the lives of as many people as we can.


We are excited to get to work with everyone in Necheval


Ezeaku Victor